How Do I Blog on Facebook?

Blogging is an effective way to express yourself and be heard on your favorite topics. Facebook social networking, on the other hand, is becoming the most popular way to connect with people, share and make friends. Is it possible to tap into the power of the Facebook social graph to launch a career in blogging? Maybe. While Facebook may lack the tools that a professional blogger would need, it has enough to get a novice started. And with hundreds of millions of users and your own friends and family there, it is perhaps the best venue to be in-- you know without doubt there's someone there reading.

So how do you blog with Facebook?

Blogging with Facebook Notes

The proper blogging tool to use on Facebook is the Notes application. It isn't directly accessible like the Status feature is. You find Notes in the list of applications on your Facebook home page, on the left column (click More if it doesn't appear at first). To publish a blog post or "Note" as it's called in Facebook:

Open the Notes tab.

Click Write a Note.

Compose your Note in the Notes editor.

Click Publish.

It can't be simpler than that. You can format your text in bold, italic, underline, bullets or numbers and quotes. You can insert hyperlinks and attach photos. Each Note can be saved as a draft, deleted and previewed. You can tag friends in your Notes and they can tag you as well.

Blogging with Facebook Statuses

Until recently, the Facebook Status feature was good enough only for a few hundred characters--- just enough to make a short update. However in late 2011, Facebook lifted this restriction. Now you can write Statuses as long as 60,000 characters. That's more than enough for a blog entry!

This change is beneficial for people who like to disclose lengthy thoughts. Because Statuses get more exposure than Notes, your blog posts stand a better chance of getting attention than the old Notes.

To blog with Statuses:

Go to the News Feed on the left column of the Facebook home page, or go to your Profile.

Click in the box that says "What's on your mind?"

Type your blog post.

Click Post.

And that's all there is to it. Nothing fancy. But beware of using the Status feature too much for blogging. People are used to short updates in the News Feed. Don't publish a thousand-word post and expect your friends to read every word of it. Use the new character limit wisely.