Insurance Health - The Key To Finding the Cheapest Policy

Unless you've lived in a fallout shelter for the past 30 years you know that health insurance costs have gotten so far out of hand that somewhere around 50 million Americans can no longer afford any form of coverage at all - and fully 50% those people who have coverage admit that they are only barely able to pay their premium every month. Is there an answer? Is there a key to finding cheap health insurance any more? Fortunately, not only is there a simple way for almost everyone to save a cool 30% to 40% each and every month - the answer is staring you right in the face.

But before we look at the key that unlocks such incredible savings on health coverage, let's talk about a few of the ways that most people can save even more - sometimes as much as 10% to 12% MORE each and every month.

Pay your premium automatically. You'd be surprised at just how much it costs your company to prepare a bill and mail it to you every month. If you set up a direct payment of your premium from your bank account then you'll save your company that expense and they are only too happy to reward you by passing most of the savings back to you in the form of a cheaper monthly premium.

Your weight is a big factor when it comes to how much you pay for your health policy - and for many people there's a simple way for them to not only lose weight but to make themselves look and feel healthier. Simply stop eating burgers and fries at fast food places. You would be shocked at the amount of fat and the number of calories that are in a fast-food burger and fries meal. Cut the fast food and cut the cost of your health premium!

If you smoke or use chew you'll never get the cheapest price for your health coverage. Never. That pack of smokes or that bag of chew is costing you a LOT more than what you pay at the register. If you're serious about saving money on your health insurance then you've simply got to be equally as serious when it comes to quitting all tobacco products.

Most health policies come with a standard 25% co-payment any time you see your doctor. That's O.K. if you see your doctor on a regular basis, but if you are generally healthy and only see your doctor once or twice a year you can save a LOT simply by increasing your co-pay to 50%

Similarly, increasing your yearly deductible can also save you a lot on your premium every month. Just be sure that you don't increase your deductible past the point that you can comfortably pay it every year.

So what's the Big Secret? What's the key that will unlock the huge savings in the cost of your health care? It's so simple - just buy your health policy online.

Online brokers have almost no overhead to cover and so they can sell policies at wholesale and still show a profit. On top of that, there's a ton of competition online and the only way for an online broker to stay in business with all of that competition is to cut prices even further.

The result is - YOU WIN! You get your health insurance at prices you'll have to see to believe. Many times you can get individual policies online cheaper than you can get group health coverage at your place of employment.

And there's an additional benefit to buying your policy from the comfort of your own home. There won't be an agent breathing down your neck and selling you more and more things you don't need and can't afford.

Check it out for yourself. See just how much you can save every single month, month after month, when you have the key to opening the insurance vault simply by buying your policy online.